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the environmental report this is your chance to address us. i have several cards >> (calling names). >> thank you for having - allowing me to talk i'm david i'm a native san franciscan. i live with my family in effort hills a i have a b.a. from pennsylvania. my father was a ph.d. chemist and i helped to build the two family business in navel testing in 43 and a animal feed founded in 19051. we commenceed operation july 1st and 1998 we bought vandyke and we bought vandyke and have and began renovating section a and it was completed in 2014. i'm speaking in opposition to a proposal that will be coming to you to create a homeless shelter on jennings street that is next to our navel laboratory. and we have mike traceers and micro biologists. we located on vandyke avenue because it was located for industry. when i decided to have it on the hill my father said it was unacceptable. someone could sue us. the 4r5ish9 used explosive chemicals. i've dmrutd a packet of information a listing of all the chemicals we have under our housing management plan dated july 2012. we've never had a sorr
their current plans. aircraft from a massive u.s. carrier ship have joined the relief effort for typhoon haiyan , bringing supplies to those who were left without food or clean water for nearly a week. the official death toll stands at 2357, but expected to rise. initial estimates had well over 10,000 may have died. the philippines health minister has warned it is unlikely all of the dead will be identified. kerryary of state john appeared before congress on wednesday to urge a delay of new sanctions on iran. lawmakers from both already's have vowed to move ahead with a measure targeting iranian oil exports despite the recent progress in talks between iran, the u.s., and five other world powers. speaking to the senate banking committee, john kerry said targeting iran undermines negotiations. >> our hope now is no new sanctions will be put in place for the civil reason that if they are, it could be viewed as bad faith by the people we are negotiating with, it could destroy the ability to be able to get agreement, and it could wind up setting us back in dialogue that has taken 30 years to be able
to the us denies access to suspect we get from a generalist he says he's gotten truth. us soldiers all to blame. the special forces and the translators were indeed responsible for these men's fate. the sun shows stay america belongs the state of emergency in its relations with iran. someone even tougher restrictions despite attempts to seal a new clear agreements plus the all day and atmosphere of fear within britain. we need to learn he was targeted by controversial british government campaign to out the illegal immigrants on top stories this hour. the he's been through it with his lp with international news and comment. an investigation into the killings of civilians in afghanistan with the drops off to the us refused to cooperate american special forces and suspected of the madness but investigators have been refused access to them everett of the men were detained during us raids in afghanistan border problems that result to the twenty twelve and feathery twenty thirteen. they then disappeared. tim doherty is what makes had discovered just several hundred meters from an american in
the one. annie. in the evening when the nurse took us to god that we have to love together the government and the sea missile sites and some underwear month when half the walk to get the teachings mdm. the us. all of them people confirmed dead and that if you look like in high end would damage estimated at nine million dollars p today was the theme of statism and feel good. go out to the muhammad. one of four consecutive year the story to mismanagement and incompetence in managing it had on a bottle. food cooking i thought the team and teams tell repeal will mute. up ahead the training is in the philippines up to super typhoon heidi on the country's does our street and see as confirming the death toll at two thousand three hundred and fifty seven. with that big a is pointing to take it implies be fun to be four thousand had been in to police the week off to the super typhoon paid tens of thousands of victims in the simple find them province's of bacon some are still desperate for food and all the basics hundreds of tonnes of aid from far and dana's standing on a t team and
on aid to egypt by the u.s. kidnapped inst is northern cameroon. we will begin with that developing story. a french priest has been kidnapped from his cherished parish not far from the border of northern nigeria. what more do we know about the circumstances surrounding the priest's disappearance? beene kidnapping has confirmed. the minister said this happened in northern cameroon, a region classified as red because of the kidnappings in the village ofkoza. koza. the priest was in his parish when kidnappers went in and took him away from his home. so far, we have not heard any claim of responsibility or this. >> this is an area where an alarmist -- islamic group is known to operate. what is the likelihood they might be behind this abduction? france is saying they would not be surprised at all. the group kidnapped several groups -- several members of a french family earlier this year and released members of the family two months later. other factors also point to them. they are not putting it more strongly than that for now. the kidnappers spoke english, which is the lingua franca in ,eighb
you give us american people update on this. can you regularly gives an yucht parallel the community to keep us informed. it's important agriculture all the stakeholders and the community is addressed. i personally would love to get an update >> yes. absolutely we'll keep you updated. >> i have a quick question. we're rushing towards a date to approve something. can we talk about what the form of the final property management plan. i feel like the memo are discrepancies of that and what is the property management plan itself and how detailed is the strategy in terms of what persons or offices of the city are property is going to transfer to the processes >> through the chair the actual form of the property management plan and the data that's prescribed there's some information that's required and that's what the real estate division is populating just some facts about the property the blocks and lots. and then we must designate of those 4 categories for deposition. we need to designate we don't need to designate a particular department, in fact, those are there other processes th
>> hello, good to have you with us. welcome to the news hour. these are the world's top news stories. >> no police, nothing. there was a breakdown of law and order. it shouldn't have been so. >> growing security fears after typhoon haiyan as armed men roam the streets of the philippines. >> northeast somalia is also struggling after a cyclone. 300 people have died and a state of emergency declared. >> a suicide bomber strikes in iraq as tens of thousands of muslims mark ashoura. >> hello, we are in london with the latest in europe, including a allowdown in the euro's recovery as the economy gross a slim .15%. >> farewell to a contradict legend. he is playing his final match. >> aid is finally reaching parts of the philippines devastated by typhoon haiyan. a u.s. aircraft carrier arrived. the uss george washington will assist operations and help helicopters to move supplies. more pictures are emerging from the disaster zone. this is 20 kilometers of coastline ripped to shreds. tacloban is one of the worth hit areas. survivors are flocking to the city's airport hoping to travel
on the streamline its way to renew appearance in from the lebanese supporters were attacked both israel and the us and said that israel does not want the ones to reach an agreement with iran over its nuclear ambitions because israel wants a war speaking to cheering crowds in beirut nostril and that israel wants the us to occupy and destroy experience so that that you wish to dominate the region. last weekend the war powers failed to strike a deal with iran over its nuclear program a program that the west believes is aimed at building nuclear weapons israel has remained adamant that it will take whatever action necessary to prevent iran from obtaining an atomic bomb as i . i am the owner can use on him more. it eu israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu his report to be willing to consider an interim agreements with their own rights to speak to the pre program but only if tehran agrees to a complete halt to all you ring in enrichment for want of a topless in exchange israel was doing the international community including two waves of the sanctions. he'll fly is unlikely to be taken seriously in
. this is our backyard. we just want a level playing field. we don't want to you give us something because we live here or we are a certain color. just provide us with a level playing field. i think we got that with danny cook and butler enterprise and what they brought to the table for this process. we have you. myself as a contractor and my other fellow contractors. all we want is a level playing field. you can come out and see us and tell us about the adjustments we need to make in our business to be a success and all the other things. i have been in this business for 27 years. the contracting questions, i have done the units for houses or 3rd street but i don't get the same consideration now that i got then. i guess it's a difference dealing with the daddy and then dealing with the son. but with a we see in place now with lan ar we think we got a good shot at a level playing field. i thank you so much for this opportunity. >> james mabme? >> good afternoon madam chair and the rest of the commissioners. my name is james may bree. i'm with janitorial services. i'm with bayview renaissance
was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water sy
is docked in ensuring that the trans pacific partnership would affect us another negotiating nations from medicine to internet freedom. more on that coming up. they're growing calls for the guantanamo bay detention center to be closed as there was promise to close the facility years ago hasn't been tapped. what might a new debate brewing on capitol hill over the national defense authorization act mean forget about that later dish up a fan. it's wednesday november thirteen five pm in washington dc on sensex in your walk that are too. that are inherent with a nine percent approval rating. no that's not runners crack smoking there were upwards of cruel rating. that's the united states congress's approval rating today according to a new gallup poll. at present is the lowest rating ever recorded envelops thirty nine year history of asking americans that they approve of the way congress is handling its job. just two months ago in september. they look like congress is making a comeback. it's a priority was to ten points higher at nineteen percent. still abysmal in low but it's better than nine p
metrics and systems that might be useful for that. thank you, mr. bridges. >> commissioner? >> yes. i wanted to make a quick comment because i know we are running out of time. i wanted to thank both the staff and lan ar and everyone involved in the report. it's very comprehensive have and i'm glad to hear the report here because when i read it i was a little concerned about some of the numbers and i take to heart the pledges not only the good faith efforts in the past but going forward and i look forward to the next report and i'm pleased to hear that all of these strategies are being thought through are in my experience excellent strategies. when you look at a scope if it's too large and if folks are not competing and you break it down, and if people are not getting noticed because they are tired of being told that something is available and it not available to them and they are debriefed and they didn't do as well as they thought they could. all of these strategies which i hear are being thought through certainly i think are excellent strategies going forward. the only small questio
to the site and as you know, in addition to this being a basketball venue, it will be used for cultural and other activities and related to entertainment and so that those could have it under fleeting the plaza and there is parking spaces for the fire station and dedicated to users of the arena. >> and so that will be down on the mezzaninelevel? >> you can't see it because of the way that we have made the design is that the green lawn that rises up from the south, takes you up to plus, 28 and underneath all of that is where the support facilities are for vehicles. i am sorry if i spoke too fast, there is only one way in and out of the site. we used to have it at the north, west, corner and now we have moved it to the center and it has three lanes and those lanes can be reversed and they fall, i don't know if we can pull up the site plan but that access point falls within the zone where the left turn lane is on the embarcadero so that they can easily be managed in the events and you can see the left turn lane there and the access point for the cars >> he talked about the public viewing b
department made of the new soon to be megacarrier american airlines. in order to become one with us airways in a multibillion dollars deal, american must agree to open up major hubs to smaller airline carriers, cut back on roots and the number of flights, in an age of fees and baggage costs and expensive no frills tickets what will the future of air travel look like you to you the son caller as the new american airlines takes on. the americaner between america and u.s. airways is a $17 billion deal. it would carry 100 million passengers annually. it will. the justice department announced the settlement that will allow the new american airlines to become the king of the airways. in the agreement, the air land must give up gates and landing slots including new york, los angeles, and ronald ragan washington national airport. washington, d.c. at ragan airport, american must now sold 104 landoff and taking slots. >> we have expressed the concerns that the merger would potentially impose. >> the justice department initially blocked the deal, fearing it would hurt competition. and after securing c
regulations need smart data. but we live in a world where more and more data about consumers is used by businesses and governmental like information security and data privacy must be safe guarded and encouraged by the burrabout you bureau's efforts to address these issues. earlier in year, the cfpb finalized rules to strengthen authori mortgage standards.earlier in y finalized rules to strengthen mortgage standards. these rules were well received, however, i remain interested in hearing from director cordray on how these will improve lending. i look forward to hearing your expectations for compliance with these rules in january especially for small lenders. finally, the committee's exploration of housing finance reform is well under way. as we move forward, i'm interested to hear about your thought on the enter as of your mortgage rules including qm with the new system. and any unintended consequences. with that, i turn to the ranking member. >> thank you, mr. chairman. today we will hear from director cordray on the consumer financial protection bureau semiannual report. this hearin
hud. the city uses that money to pay hud and that hasn't been happening and the city is owed about $1.4 million. in addition we all know that the main tenant, yoesh san francisco is in an agreement proceeding. i know a memo was provided to the commission that gave a lot more information about this. so given all of that, it's likely it's very likely that the city is going to foreclose on its city interest. from that scenario, the disposition plan would be for either the success or agency to work with the city but the success or agency to work together or transfer it's interest to the city and have the city sell them so it can reconfer -- recover as much as possible the $5.5 million construction loan. anything other would be considered program plan because it was purchased with the program renewal funds. if nothing happens and the ground lease reman's in place, they have rights for the ground lease inform that case we are proposing that we still transfer the property to the city, have the city take over as the landlord for governmental purpose for the same reason because they are be
a therapist, i want to understand the science behind any product i use. so with us today, we have world-renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon and skin specialist dr. grant stevens. he's gonna talk about hair health issues and what we can do about them. >> hi, laura. >> welcome. >> thank you very much. >> have a seat with me. so, we hear a lot about men long their hair, but it's women, too. >> absolutely. we find that over 50% of women are losing hair by the age of 50. >> and i had read somewhere that you lose, just on average, 70 to 100 hairs a day. >> each and every day. can you believe that? >> how do you know when there's really a problem? >> well, the telltale sign is when you're in the shower and you look down and there's hair on the shower floor. that's when you know that you're losing more than 70 to 100 a day. >> so, why is that? >> well, as you know, we're under a lot of stress nowadays, and between stress and hormones and diet and even age, more and more women are losing hair at a younger age. >> and that's what i've heard, as well -- that it's not just the over-50s, but younger w
removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both the pulse of the us not told anyone longer than necessary. we also know that whenever we really someone we assume are rifts over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held there have been set free from any one item or view these stupid human monsters in the worst of the worst quote cheney i'm going to them. but most of those still kept locked up have not been charged and are being held indefinitely. what sort of a black hole of the oven and allow week sixteen with the president of the u s states simply refuses to say this in the u s officials say the law of more brains behind this barbed wire. the idea was that the war. when you capture folks. you as the capturing the story are permitted to hold people during the generation of hostilities and when hostilities and four. if there's no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to toe hold them and they must be released. a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here. creepy treated to a wide array of count
at this campus used to be incredibly cheap. it used to be a public university living up to the mission statement of being for the public. now, it's becoming less about that. >> reporter: napolitano wants to make it easier for community college stewed dwroents transfer to the uc system. >> we have breaking news, four marines died in a training accident at camp pendelton in southern california this morning during a range maintenance operation. an sgags n now -- investigation is underway. >> perhaps you felt things shaking again today in san ramone. geologists say the 3.4 quake is part of a swarm of small quakes the quake hit this morning a mile northeast of san ramone followed by a 2.4 quake at 12:47 p.m . sky seven hd checked sab san ramone valley, found no visible signs of damage the quakes are not considered after shocks to yesterday's 2.9 quake. coming up at 4:55 we'll talk with experts to find out this is is something we should be concerned about. >> this is a good reminder for all of us to be prepared >>. california emergency management agency encourages you to keep emergency kits stocked w
you got ten percent of the release of the total subsidies and up to that billing us for about nine billion us dollars to help raise the average subsidy for each individual can do it for about thirteen dollars and ninety dollars and he doesn't well the average increase of thirty nine us dollars for each one every year. cover the baking government leased them to death and twelve the total medical expenses amounted to about nineteen billion dollars. the concrete almost twenty percent from last year. officials in china so security department nypd now throughout the conference might indicate the chinese government lowered subsidies from the distant future the office that they would try to use these to a more effective way. official or stated they will try to decrease the cost of medicine the more reasonable than the budget will perform to the medical insurance system make them inside until pears are raising the price for marriage and in china registered her marriage to the civil affairs bureau is incredibly cheap the registration fee per couple. nine us tour on the dollar fifty. they ha
. >> perfectly every time. >> yes. >> you don't have to do anything. >> i'm like a gourmet chef when i use this. >> i know. >> it gives you all the tips. >> o.k., so... >> great, great. >> look at all of it... >>e' got some lobster. >> lobster. >> some shrimp. >> t-bone steak. >> steak. >> lamb chops. >> mmm, and... >> look at the, the vegetable medley. >> those are beautiful. >> this is a family favorite. i know your family loves this one too. >> oh, for sure. >> salmon, lemon pepper salmon. >> oh, isn't that beautiful? >> you know what? you made saon and asparagus for me in the first show. >> yes, i did. >> and i'm doing it for you in this show. >> yay, i get to taste! >> fla a littlbit off there just so we can see it. >> all right, let's do that. look at that. iust followed the instructions... >> wow... oh... >> oh! [laughs] >> that's my piece. >> wait, i want a fork too! >> mmm... >> it's the nuwave oven. you talk about healthy. >> all right, now we're gonna move on to dessert... >> it's about time. >> which he right here. >> yup. >> cookies are one of my favorite things to make for desser
we witness bullying. >> all of us are humbled by the virus, how systemic it's become. how do you get your hands around that? for me it's top down and bottom up. we are authority figures and what we do for our children and that's care, but we need to empower them to become the leaders they are waiting to become. this notion of youth adult partnership is esoteric in its term but on the ground how do you operationalize it, those things in the public school who are working so hard to meet the required mandates. schools are driven by mandates, academic achievement, achievement, enrollment. but the conditions in which the virus grows, if you follow the metaphor that bullying is a systemic virus, then the environment has to change so the virus cannot grow and the only way the environment changes is if youth and adults begin to speak with one voice about changing the social norms that allows it to happen. it makes sense to most of us, you have it khaifrpb the social norms. we must educate. but we must go beyond thinking more rigor will get us better achievement. we have to remember a sc
that changes the knob hill masonic center to another entertainment use to establish food stations. a similar request was approved by the board of supervisors on appeal in 2010. four lawsuits were filed changing that. which also had an effect of avoiding the non use authorization so we had the environmental report that was discussed. the project sponsor filed another certification to allow no new capacitate in the center. that was approved and that was to minimum miss the impacts on the neighborhood. there were restrictions on the event. the center has hosted activities with the variety of events like comedy and naturalization ceremonies. the entertainment activities were non-conforms which didn't permit southern activities. it's been operating with southern activities with other applicable applications until the approval. so the draft is for limiting the number of events and limiting the hours and acholic beverages services and the perimeter for security and noise and parking and loading. i'd be happy to discuss any specifics in detail. those were similar but include other conditions that we
at this point. >> great. thank you so much. keith, adam, why don't you come up and present to us briefly on what the cac's role is. >> good morning, supervisors. as you know the cac is ground zero for development in san francisco and developing presentations and i have lost track of the number of developers and architects who have come to our meetings and told us their grandmother was born in a little house and they would like nothing more than hanging out over a cup of coffee at foaleys. this is for funding and implementing infrastructure improvement and we believe the eastern neighborhoods that receive this attention. we have seen so many projects come from this area. the neighborhoods and new open space along the center water front. 16 street, folsom street and 22nd street and the eastern neighborhood cac has approved some agreements which appear to be beneficial to the whole community. however we are very concerned about this large gap in funding for infrastructure improvement to accommodate the huge growth. revenues maybe as much as $160 million that is far short of the $250-395 that is inc
shows at show us how we as humans treat each other. >>> i want to ask max brooks why did you return from making a zombie guide. did he do it to appeal to a wider audience? >> we'll be barraging that. >>> beyond the zombie buzz could the disasse disaster fiction prs for the real thing. and it's resonating with a lot of people. the cdc has applied the zombie narrative for it's own comic book for emergency preparedness. max brooks joins us on the set to look at the bigger picture. thanks for being o on "the stream". thanks for being here. >>> we have questions for max on google a little later in the show. >> max who is your audience. >> >> think i think it's a broad spectrum. you have people into zombies and survivalist culture and people that are into big picture disaster preparedness. i have spoken at the naval war college and i have worked with the cdc. and that is like cutting strategic air command o often oe of the commissionaire crisis. >>> we have to have stories. what do people say to you when they approach you on the street and realize who you are. >> when they approach me on the s
's season with interesting analysis alongside its release. for more on that, annette is with us in frankfurt. they don't like people saying they have expected surpluses of the eurozone, annette. >> not really. but if you're looking at the euro set figures, then you see that germany has to expect a surplus for the eurozone. they're having a surplus for the rest of the world, i.e. china as well as united states. so that whole imbalance thing within the eurozone, that really makes sense. so then it comes to really -- if you look at the numbers, and those numbers now for the third quarter are most likely going down very well in berlin and not too well in brussels and as well in washington. because as far as first time i can remember is that growth is supported by household government spending and very importantly, i have to stress that capital spending of german companies because during the run up to the elections, we heard a lot of companies complaining about high energy produces, insecurities, when it comes to tax hikes, and a lot of companies did want to spend inside germany, but they were th
country in the world bar none. no one can stand up to us. tavis: what do you make of the high hopes that you and others had for this president on this and other issues? let's just stay with the spying and the drones in the torture. -- and the torture. >> i am really surprised. i really believed in obama. i believed in transparent government policies and none of that has transpired. on the contrary, he is a better manager of the empire than bush ever was. it is wrong. he is a constitutional s cholar. bush made a fatal flaw. we were attacked by terrorists. instead of hunting down those people through intelligence, informers, through the usual process is by which the entire by whichow processes the entire world uses, he waged war and he said that you're either with us or against us and he divided the world right than. he made six countries suspect. essentially, the united states government makes us, the citizens of our own country and citizens abroad, suspects. we are all suspects. it is not just for terrorists. because i'm not a terrorist and you are not a terrorist. but we are all fe
am. you use you. thus the eye welcome to nhk world news live and you know tony and tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am people in the high noon in areas of the philippines are becoming increasingly frustrated as devastation and a deteriorating security and for relief efforts. us nuclear experts as the operator of the petition and iag power plant last that critically important factor in its approach to the commissioning of the damage reactions and here's my simple turn of events calendar way too cool to let you know who to watch the fight for the emperors. u s navy aircraft carrier has arrived off the coast of the philippines to boost the struggling response to thai food high in the massive storm ripped across the country almost one week ago leaving thousands dead the relief operations are still failing to deliver life saving supplies to remote areas and islands crocodiles and has this report from manila. the destruction wrought on the central philippines seems the president of our natural desires of this nature relief activities are called
to use the speaker since you are so sick. good afternoon, director and president johnson. committee members. my name is danny cook, the executive vice-president. i have worked primarily in the san francisco bay area since 1980. in fact i'm sort of returning to my original campground because my first project was a united states postal service general mill handling facility on evans. i have also worked with the former redevelopment agencies on the yerba buena gardens and the children's center. i would like to introduce some of my colleagues that have been involved on blocks 50-51. i would ask them to stand as i call their name and stay standing. cheryl smith is the director of community affairs, she is ably assisted by her project manager terry mitchell and patrick banks is our site development manager for blocks 50 and 51 which is a subject of our discussion today. thank you. robert sub she has been selected as the correct county -- contractor for blocks 51, 50, and 54. the blocks are being awarded to 84 percent. there is still some contracting to be done. 53, 54 has just been bid an
indian for who we are is categorizing us so we fall off the priority point. it's federally mandated that we have our individual identification thank you. mr. logan. >> yeah. i have a couple of things to say. that admissions policy wouldn't turn someone away on that basis. yeah. there was a time when that happened. there was a couple of things i don't know if you took modern world there's a mistake in the book the coverage of the supreme court case the cherokee nation versus georgia i think where andrew jackson's time the cherokees are basically given their own land and jackson didn't give it to them. in the textbook the teacher pointed out out the cherokees won but in the textbook they lost the case. i don't know if that's a type to but the textbooks are still being used. also yeah. i've heard envy - my classmates saying under this division american indians are classified because they don't have the support to be declassified i don't know the exact chronology but so - >> thank you, mr. logan final thoughts from the superintendent . >> i do appreciate the organization of the pre
. that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper reports now live from the philippines. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm anderson cooper reporting tonight from tacloban in the philippines. it is thursday morning here, 9:00 a.m. and a new day has begun. in the last several hours there have been some significant developments to tell you about. yesterday i talked to the marine brigadier general paul kennedy who promised he would be able to get this airport, the runway, up and running on a 24-hour basis. he's fulfilled that promise along with air force personnel who were here on the ground last night for the first time aircraft were coming in during the nighttime hours, able to land and offload supplies. we have actually seen an uptick in aid along the side of the runway from usaid, from the malaysian government, from other places. food aid medical supplies, and tarps that people can use for shelter. the problem is getting it out from here at the airport to the surrounding communities that are in such desperate need. and it's not just a question of communities far away. i'm talking about comm
obame would be fixed by the end of november. >> you have to tell us when it will be in good shape. is the end of the montrealistic? >> the team is working really hard to hit that goal. >> the fact on november b 13 yer not where we will be and' to be by november 30. it remains the case that we believe the site will be working smoothly for the vast majority users by the en of the month. >> reporter: 31% of those surveyed expressed confidence that the web site will be fixed. >> centers for medicare and medicaid service, and its contractor failed to fully deliver what they were supposed to deliver, congressional oversight is warned. >> one asked in health care do the gov is as secure? >> fully tests like the other rit projects you have overseen. >> i'm trying to continued what you moon by fully tested. >> fully tested? holy cow, this is like a new low. >> would you put your personal information about you and your loved ones in it. >> i recommended my sister who is unemployed right now to -- >> did she successfully register. >> i have not talked with her lately. >> also house homeland
is on assignment. i am adam may. in the u.s., right now, about 2500 people are serving life without parole for crimes they committed as juveniles. last year, the u.s. supreme court ruled that making those sentences mandatory was unconstitutional. tonight, age america tonight exclusive. inside an illinois prison for a man who was given a life sentence at the age of just 14 now speaking out for the very first time. it's the second installment in punishment. >> in october, 1990, three members of chicago's gangster disciples set out to settle a score with a rifle gang. the youngest of the group just two months past his 14th birthday was a boy named adolpho davis. >> i hear people saying games gangs. my destiny was written when i was born into a chaotic family. so, being born into as many other kids get born into every day is like i -- life is written for us. >> in the turf war that follow owed, two r i have a l gang members were shot dead although it was never proven he fired a gun he was convicted of double murder. the law was clear and uncompromising. if you are part of a group that commits
- fewer than 21,000 used the federal exchange. house speaker john boehner called it a rolling calamity that must be scrapped. they faced tough questions from the republicans about the rollout. >> this was a monumental mistake to go live and explode on the launch pad. >> on the other side of the aisle democrats say republicans want nothing more than to dismantle the affordable care act known as obamacare. >> nobody in this country believes that republicans want to fix the website. >> caught in the crossfire two key technology officials, repeatedly questioned about why after years of work and hundreds of millions the website was not completely tested before it wept live. >> it was designed, implemented and tested to be secure. >> testifying under subpoena todd park, the u.s. chief technology officer - the white house insisted he was too busy fixing the website to come to capitol hill. >> there's more to do, we are making progress. >> park said can handle 20,000-25,000 users at one time - half of where it should be. another key concern security - will personal information b
events changed america. that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper reports now live from the philippines. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm anderson cooper reporting tonight from tacloban in the philippines. it is thursday morning here, 9:00 a.m. and a new day has begun. in the last several hours there have been some significant developments to tell you about. yesterday i talked to the marine brigadier general paul kennedy who promised he would be able to get this airport, the runway, up and running on a 24-hour basis. he's fulfilled that promise along with air force personnel who were here on the ground last night for the first time aircraft were coming in during the nighttime hours, able to land and offload supplies. we have actually seen an uptick in aid along the side of the runway from usaid, from the malaysian government, from other places. food aid, medical supplies, and tarps that people can use for shelter. the problem is getting it out from here at the airport to the surrounding communities that are in such desperate need. and it's not just a question of communities far away. i'm
to the plan check staff that approved the plan previously and on the plans we used an a b bulletin. when i saw that on the plans i saw that wasn't the proper procure because the property line was split it should have been an easement. we had a couple of meetings and involved ron hesitate the chief building inspector. we last met with the architect the owner and the contractor as well. so following that meeting and there - wisp looking at options off one exit to the roof-deck. what happened 81 at the first meeting they used a preapplication meeting process with mr. tom the chief building inspector to allow one exit from the roof-deck that was held yesterday. i have a response from ron chief building inspector and basically, the architect used some sections in the code those discussions at the meetings the fact that this building was sprinkled and we had one on the roof. the occupant said it would allow 4 additional occupants which the building code allows for a private roof-deck. after that meeting ron tom's response i concur with our chaldean-american agreement the new n f p strirlg system and
. >> the issue i see is they don't use a roofing contractor to do it typically it's an electric person or someone installing a dish on your house. they will drill through your roof and stick the cable back up and take and usually it's just a gallon vanized flashing they take the glue and stick it down like that and they will plant top and say it's done. it's done for a year and a half. after that year and a half it's not an approved roofing practice. when you put a jack you need to roof the jack in. now when i look at the penetration i see the roof. i don't see the metal with nails around and stuck to the roof. you see that it's improperly installed. we use lead flashings. the galvanized is not as good as the lead. the lead is heavier and a better product for the roof to tie into allows clamping and calk and a durable answer. the other penetration is usually boxes. the ac unit or swamp cooler or a bobbing penetration put on your roof. again there is a methodology of putting them incorrectly. a lot nail a 2 by 4 down and stick the unit on top. >> you have to put a wooden piece of wood lying on to
and in this situation are never complete in terms of making us certain that the they don't theo out and pursuing vigorously nuclear weapons in the future. if we are serious about diplomacy there is no need for new sanctions on top of the sanction that's are already very effective and brought them to the table in the first place. now if it turns out they can't deliver and they can't come to the table in this way and get this resolve and the sanctions can be ramped back up and we have that option. roger it's his birthday. happy birthday. >> back to healthcare. can you guarantee to the americanamerican people that the is going to be operational by november 30th. and secondly more broadly this is your signature on domestic legs. legislation. you hear on the hill that--is that how this mess came to be? >> i think thi there is going te a lot of there is going to be a lot of evaluation of how we got to this point. and i'm assuring you i have been asking a lot of questions about that. the truth is that this is number one, very complicated. and the website itself is doing a lot of stuff. there are not a
. >> how many of us are left? now this. and something else may take our lives. people coming into our houses and if you fight back they will kill you. what about a allies. >> so few of us left as it is. >> are they going to finish us off. >> his neighbours share his concern. they say it's bad enough that haiyan has turned their lives up tiedside dowupside-down withoute confusion of the security. one of the struc structures thas damaged is the prison behind us. >> some of those escapeees are behind the recent wave of crime that isin aggravating the situation. national state of emergency has been declared. trey triethoughthey tried to ste disorder. >> this is the return of martial rule. >> who are they. what is the real situation. >> she hasn'he has not let the uncertainty stop him. he says even though the money he may earn is worths here. here -- worthless here. >> ly no >> i will not leave here. this is hour home. whatever tragedy is next, if it takes the lives that is okay. >> it still range rains on most. they cram into the only dry space in their make shift shelter. sometimes they
of this will work. the metaphor that has been used all day today, it's like trying to put toothed oste back into a ndibe. you just can't do it. gerri: exactly right. >> have you take 5 million people who have lost their insurance and then read form these contracts? in many cases the insurance companies may not want to sign these people up again. gerrnot c i think you make a grt point. i spend all afternoon on line ininousing on the telephone to insurard we brokers, industry analysts. i have to tell you, they say you cannot do this. a comed ony with maybe 5,000 employees like the one i work for spend 12 months getting their insurance pro ready to go. i talk to people today who said, there is no way that these insurard we commissioners for oe can approve new plants because that is what is g "tng to take. and for people to then apply for those plans and get them oreproved. listen to what laura peterson of the naic had to say. older and sicker policyholders will be more likely to drop existing policies in favor of a new dca obamacare compliant policies. under an healthier individuals are more l
. we are glad you joined us for a conversation with oliver stone coming up right now. ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: oscar-winning writer, producer and director oliver stone has never shied away from controversy from his screenplay for "midnight express" which won him the first of his three boards. he tackles one of the most controversial stories in america. "jfk was quote has been re- released on blu-ray and in select theaters. realized kennedy was so dangerous to the establishment. is that why? >> that is a real question, isn't it? why? the how and the who is just scenery for the public. -- it keeps, cuba asking theng from most important question. why was kennedy killed? who benefited? who has the power to cover it up? tavis: welcome back, first of all. is there anything about what you 1991 with "jfk" that you have rethought, the regret, that you would do differently? >> i looked at it a few days ago and i feel it is a strong film, especially on the evidence base is, the autopsy, -- on the evidence, the balli
. >> if we're serious, there is no need for us to add new sanctions. >> and it is an art show like no other. photographers are using a hashtag to show atlanta in a new light. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. one week after the typhoon devastated the philippines, the eight is finally starting to arrive. the uss george washington has got to the area and it will triple the number of helicopters available to move supplies. there are still places which have quite literally been cut off by the storm. the firstm is guiuan, town hit from the storm. andrew harding sent us this report. >> this is where it all started. the very first encounter between storm and land. not much of a contest. which makes this the first ed,lage to be a raced -- eras and murray are among the first mothers to lose a child. she has come here before to visit the parents with -- the beach with her parents. >> he was so full of life. >> when the typhoon came in, his grandfather tried to save him. >> my father was hit by the water. and then my baby. drowned. survivors are, still waitin
able to enroll. tax dollars being used to bail out some nonviolent offenders. >> studies show that on average it takes cook county prisoners 13 days to raise their bond money. when you're talking about thousands of nonviolent offenders who did not have the money to meet bond on low-level misdemeanor charges the cost to taxpayers is an enormouenormous. >> these are small bonds. we'll be able to cut that to think that the most will be three days. 10 days at $143 a day. we would be saving an average $1,400 per person. >> the commissioner is the architect. he says for a modest investment taxpayers might be able to save enormous amounts of money. the exact amount of those savings are still being determined. a study on the innovative proposal to be presented to the board on march 1st. the commissioner believes that the establishment of a fund in the amount of $2 million would allow the county to provide bond money. the county gets the money back even after low-level offenders does not appear for his or her court date. the share of supports the innovative proposal and chief of policy
we received a memorandum email from our property management and they informed us that they were sad to inform us that they had lost their long protracted expensive battle with the city and that due to city hall's overly restrictive policies that they were going to have to vacate the entire -- that we would have to vacate the building and they were sorry, nothing they could do about it. so we immediately came down to city hall with our torches to find out what was going on and we found out from dbi, very sensible, seemed like sensible people, that this absolutely was not the case and that it was the first they heard of it and so it was being completely misrepresented. so now about 65 units at 1049 market and subsequently it will be 1067 market are under threat of eviction and the deadlines are coming up a couple days before thanksgiving and subsequently a couple days before christmas will be my group. and i just hope there's something we can do about this, tommy and the hrc has been side by side with us and a lot of us, there are disabled people there, elderly people, school teacher
. it is mile and still that will did he have us some hazy sunshine. watch out and others don't have any and when you look you will see it oh, my goodness you will not be able to see across the street. here is sal. >>> it could take up to several hours to right an overturned big-rig which is slowing traffic in the east bay and it is a tractor-trailer which took out an abandoned car on the east side of the road on interstate 880. crews have tried turning it back over but the problem is, it weighs 25,000 pounds that they don't want to spill. drives are slowing the wreck. we will keep watching it for you and we will let you know the latest on every traffic update. one more thing, we have a look at 880 north and southbound and that traffic looks good and i don't want to not show the bay bridge, it is getting more crowded as we drive to the toll plaza but still it is 6:03 let's go back to the desk. paul chamber, you have some new information you just got? >> reporter: that is correct, behind us the traffic light is out behind us and let me tell you about that new information. we were told by
forced out of our homes and that become harder if not impossible to do if the shelter cannot be used because it is no longer safe, please find a way to rebuild the acc facility. and the control of work and the commission advises you on the animal issues and do not provide the oversight of the acc and it does come up that involve the agency. >> and whether san francisco should mandate that it be a no kill shelter and no adoptable animal is euthanized including those who need behavior or medical help before they can be adopted for two years we heard presentations from advocates and organizations on all sides of the issue, no kill is a goal that everyone wants and san francisco is close. to be successful no kill requires among other things, extensive public out reach and education, and behavior training in the shelter, all of which require adequate staffing and managing to carry out, something that acc does not now have and has not had for years, acc is an open shelter ask required to accept any animal that comes in the door, many shelters in the country are not, they can and do refuse
it's something that i really advocate for and our caution to use zero tolerance and exclusionary discipline policies and also i teach teachers at san jose state and hundred students who are future teachers. >> can they do a projector? >> no. my teacher did, but again using social media, integrating all of the areas is so important for the prevention. thank you for that focus too and i think that gentleman has comments. >> i was going to follow up in the conversation with digital media or literacy needed within the educational system. we are still experiencing digital divide and access and just the one you speak of recently officer when you mention the generations and investigators not engaged with this media and no don't know my book or face space and when you have to look at youth culture. we talk about texting and sexing and omg and i didn't text anything to you. i spoke to and part of the language and how they engage so until we look at the culture of young people and how do we impact today's 20th century media culture we can't make a huge impact in regards to bullying or
of the united states that was opened in 1972 it was not only the first store in the under the circumstances u.s. but of bully abroad since the 1920s. now those hip jewels found favor in particular in the years leadership up to the celebrations of the american bicentennial of the 1976. it was under the third-generation or the third coincide jewels gained momentum. now coin jewels are not a novelty. that is to say when you find a coin as a centerpiece of a jewel. now this jeweler dates back many centuries and here you see pictured for example, a late he roman coin jewels you'll see in the british museum that dates to the late 19th century, 1970s that was created by the jewelers family jewelers in he rome. now this is just to show you that coins have long been used in jewelers for many centuries it was really bully that revived them in the 20 sit up. they range in ancient coins with the greek coins that dates to the fourth century b.c. to the wonderful broach dating to the 1970s set with a rare american dollar dating to 1926. so the range is extremely broad. possibly one of my favorite is this rat
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